Whether you are overwhelmed by a new diagnosis or by our complicated medical system, I can provide experienced guidance to help you make choices that are right for you.

When might you need help?

    > You have a new or serious diagnosis
    > There are multiple different specialists involved in
       your care
    > You are responsible for a loved one, and want to
       make sure nothing is overlooked
    > You have received conflicting medical opinions
    > You don’t feel your concerns are being heard
    > You feel overwhelmed by too much information

Resource Medicine Can:

   > Help you understand your diagnosis and research
      treatment options
   > Prepare you for medical appointments so you know
      what questions to ask
   > Help you find a second opinion and choose the right
      doctor and treatment for you
   > Coordinate care by communicating with both you and
      your medical team
   > Review and organize your medical records and
   > Go with you to medical appointments; provide support
      during your hospitalization